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. ‘s victory for clean air in the Senate would be today without the support of the senators who stood up to the health voters of their support not have been possible.

2400 Ann Arbor.. And other sourcesociation Welcomes Senate to support the health of AmericansCharles D. President and CEO of the American Lung Association released the following statement today in response to the votes in the Senate, that the Clean Air Act confirms the ability to protect Americans from breathing toxic, harmful and life-threatening air pollution. – It is wrong defer stripping or reasonable safeguards in the Clean Air Act to protect Americans and their families from toxic air pollution , the American Lung Association is grateful to the changes before the Senate were today beaten.

The study was conducted by an intramural contract with the National Cancer Institute and research grants from the American College of Gastroenterology and the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy support reference: New England Journal of Medicine, May 2005, 12 to 19.

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A new SARS vaccine that is currently being tried on monkeys could be protect people protect people from the disease, scientists say. The vaccine is being sprayed into the nose. Order to provide protection, scientists tell than one dose required.