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Benowitz, the study’s lead investigator, believes oncomodulin could someday prove damages in a reversal of the optic nerve caused by glaucoma useful, tumors or traumatic injury. Moreover, it was shown that the Lab oncomodulin on at least one other type of nerve cell works, and now plans to examine whether it also affects the types of brain cells that would relevant to the treatment of diseases such as stroke and spinal cord injury.. In a study published in 2004, worked Benowitz and postdoctoral fellow Dietmar Fischer approaches approaches – overcoming inhibition and activating the growth state – and achieved dramatic optic nerve regeneration., Senator John Kerry on Monday a would be enlarge demonstration in Seattle to construct support for the legislation. , medical insurance for people under 21 years ago, the Seattle Times reports. Kerrys plan would estimated to 264th not only popular, within the next spending 10 years health insurance for people not younger than 21 years by the family incomes exceed 300 percent the poverty threshold . Washington Governors Christine Gregoire , Jim McDermott and Sen. Patty Murray stepped Kerry at the rally.

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