Women more than 55 % of students accepted to medical school together.

– in 2005, women more than 55 % of students accepted to medical school together, but this has not translated to an increase in the number of women in neurosurgery. Some of the women comprise 30 % of the general surgery residents, only 10 % of neurosurgical residents are women.

In order to overcome the obstacles and problems identified in the paper, the implement a implementation of a broad strategic plan: 1.Characterize the Schranken.Identify and discriminatory practices in the recruitment of medical students, residents in training, and in the recruitment and promotion of women in leadership positions within Neurochirurgen.Promote organized Neurochirurgie.Foster the development of female neurosurgeons models by the training and development of competent, enthusiastic female trainees and surgeons.You work patients and caregivers which part of the transformation process for them ask what was not working well, what it required at home, how they to manage their Service, and what could be done Emperor in transition the transition.

Improving communication to post-acute Professional.

Results vary between the regions and medical centers, however any entity which process of process improvements in improvements, say Barnes. We 30-day readmission rates were better than average, in five some recipients experienced fragmented power during transitions We started the program as pilot project in Portland, and roll ‘nationwide, says Carol Barnes, executive consultant on strategy program CARE Management Institute, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland , which eases the transition Improvement the project. – ‘we started off thought we are knew an amount on what wrong place during the process of transform , but the patients and family members gave us a many new insights into at in the which where to disturbance were, ‘tells Barnes.