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More recent research shows that fish consumption in a calorie restricted diet in obese patients with hypertension promotes the beneficial effect of weight loss. With both caloric restriction and daily fish consumption, a reduction in blood pressure and improvements in lipid profile, heart rate and metabolism of sugar greater than weight loss alone. – These benefits are effective in simultaneously reducing the risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease and heart attack, says Nettleton products .

Shows A commentary on n-3 LC-PUFA and the brain that DHA helps cell membranes, intracellular metabolism and regulation from gene expression.It also shows that DHA is key to brain metabolism and both DHA and EPA are advantageous neuropsychiatric disorders. Manic-depressive illness, depression and schizophrenia are common neuropsychiatric disorders, writes Andrew Sinclair, Professor of Food Science, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. The results of case-control studies, clinical trials and case studies have shown that oils rich play of n-3 LC – PUFA play a positive role in these neuropsychiatric disorders. .

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