Wine story simply keeps a-brewin.

“The wine guys have stolen the high ground,” says Charles Bamforth, the Anheuser-Busch professor of meals research at UC Davis. Yesterday, he spoke to a digital audience of 1 1,000 during an online conference on beer hosted by the American Chemical Society. He championed beer as complex and nutritionally valuable chemically. Historically, beer’s been a fairly effective method of hydrating whenever your local body of water may be fouled by a variety of unsanitary conditions. But it’s functioned as a source of calories and nutrition also.‘We hope future research continue to explore this connection and the part the disease fighting capability plays in reducing cancer risk.’.. ACLJ urges Supreme Court to safeguard constitutionally-protected privileges of pro-life pregnancy centers The American Center for Legislation and Justice , which represents two nonprofit organizations that operate numerous pro-life crisis pregnancy centers in New York City, asked the U today.S. Supreme Court to take a case when a federal appeals courtroom provides upheld portions of a fresh York City regulation that targets pro-life being pregnant centers, making it difficult for them to exercise their First Amendment privileges.