While seasonal allergic rhinitis is normally confined to the pollen season.

In addition to causing typical symptoms, rhinitis can significantly impair quality of life. Allergic factors can be identified easily and specific avoidance or therapy prescribed. Rhinitis is a common condition affecting kids and adults that impairs quality of life often. Symptoms of are generally perennial. Signs range from nasal obstruction and an unusual nasal mucosa. Allergic factors behind rhinitis can be demonstrated by skin prick testing or easily, where appropriate, RAST.The company's individual genome CGH microarrays are available in multiple formats with bundling options available.

ASU scientists use X-ray laser beam to reveal 3-D structure of cathepsin B enzyme A global team of scientists, using the world's most powerful X-ray laser, has revealed the 3d structure of an integral enzyme that allows the single-celled parasite that triggers African trypanosomiasis in human beings. With the elucidation of the 3D structure of the cathepsin B enzyme, it will be possible to design new drugs to inhibit the parasite that triggers sleeping sickness, departing the infected human being unharmed.