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This provided more evidence that the PGC genes specifically regulated in cancer tissue. Our results suggest that small changes in PGC expression in tumors with significant differences in tumor spread to the capacity or can be linked to invasive, said Tan. Beyond cancer, we could easily apply this approach to other diseases, said Tan. With the right data, researchers find genes related strictly to disease progression and explore how in our favor. In our favor. .. The scientists studied what happens with some of these genes in the PGC by comparing different samples of tumor tissue, which is known more or less metastatic has been.

Professor Alan Cowman, head of the Infection and Immunity division, said, in the development of the vaccine the research team two important genes deleted in the Plasmodium falciparum parasite was – what causes the form of malaria most deadly to humans. By removing the genes stop the malaria parasite during its liver infection phase, preventing it from spreading to the bloodstream, where it can cause serious illness and death. genetically modified parasites, and thus to prevent the invasion of red blood cells is published in the current issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA – .

Professor Cowman said it was unlikely the weakened parasites were used in vaccine potency again was the gene was deleted from the genome and could not be recreated by the parasite.Details new Phase II datesThe information at ECTRIMS presented are running from one 18-month active substance enlargement of a core six-month placebo-controlled study of patients with shapes out of relapsing multiple sclerosis. To results show that after six months., FTY720 reduced inflammatory disease activity in the MRI saw by up to 80 percent and of relapses of more than 50 percent compared with placebo In which expansion phase, patients receiving placebo were switched to active therapeutic.

/ Herald, drug consumption is high in the Indonesian jails, and dozen detainees from AIDS-related causes of deaths each year. Christian Kroll, the UN Global Coordinator of to HIV / AIDS in that view more drug therapy centers of the country which now has 45 drug rehab institutions have needed. Kroll also said that inmates sentenced drug use as people who need therapy instead criminal should be addressed. Judges and Prosecutors training should be given. .

MS be is a progressive and debilitating condition of the CNS that common concerned young people are, women often twice as as men. The time is one of the most common inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases of the central nervous system depression. Problems having muscle control and strength, balance, sensation and mental functions of typically typically at relapsing of acute acute self-limiting attacks of neurological dysfunction carried total or partial restore the function.