Weizhong Chang.

Her growth curve fell below regular by age 6 months. At 28 a few months of age, her weight and duration had been both at the 50th %ile for a standard 9-month-old girl. She had generalized, moderate ligamentous laxity, triangular facies with a high-bossed forehead, and proptosis. An umbilical hernia was observed at the age of 5 weeks. She got bilateral pes planus. Skeletal radiographs attained when she was a new baby revealed osteoporotic long bones, with undertubulation and bowing of the femora and tibiae . By the age of 15 a few months, the vertebral bodies of T11 through L2 showed substantial anterior compression.In some cases, the surrounding mind anatomy was printed. ‘These children had unique anatomy with deep vessels which were very tricky to operate on,’ says Boston Kids's neurosurgeon Edward Smith, MD, senior writer of the paper and co-director of the hospital's Cerebrovascular Interventions and Surgery Center. ‘The 3D-printed models allowed us to rehearse the situations beforehand and reduce operative risk as much as we could.’ The small children ranged in age group from 2 a few months to 16 years outdated.