Up to now most of us have used shaving or waxing to remove unwanted bunch of hairs from our body.

This is why we can see most of the people turning for laser treatment treatments now. When we want to flaunt a skin that appears healthy, smooth and beautiful, we surely usually do not wish that to get covered with unwanted hairs within an extremely short span of time. For shaving, we know, we cut our facial or body hair brief as the hair follicle still continues to be inside. The same does apply for waxing also. These hairs grow back again and we have to repeat those unpleasant procedures again and again. Laser hair removal, therefore is considered as the best option to eliminate each one of these nagging problems. Now, the question more likely to come is just how much does it cost. There exists a variation of costs for laser hair removal treatments.The diagnoses are examined routinely by a qualified medical secretary before access into the database. The other electronic database at Soroka INFIRMARY that was used in today’s study was the Demog-ICD9 database, which includes demographic and medical diagnoses during hospitalization, with medical diagnoses drawn straight from the medical records. Additional diagnoses linked to the newborn at discharge are coded and included in the infant’s Demog-ICD9 record. All diagnoses are categorized according to the International Classification of Diseases, 9th revision .