University of Guelph Benjamin J.

‘University Students ‘ Hand Hygiene Practice During a Gastrointestinal Outbreak in Residence: What they say they do and what they actually do ‘ – authors , Brae V. Surgeoner, University of Guelph Benjamin J. Chapman, North Carolina State University, Kansas State University Douglas A.

Chapman, see the study as a co-author, this is the first study to student hygiene behavior in the midst of an outbreak. Previous studies examined self – reporting data after an outbreak – and the new research shows that self self – reporting data may be inaccurate. – ‘Typically, health officials put up posters and signs and rely on self – report to determine whether these methods are effective, ‘Chapman says. ‘And people say they wash their hands more, as it turns out, that is not true.Seaside Therapeutics Initiates Clinical developing novel treatment for Fragile X Syndrome.

On these insights, Seaside licensed and is developing a new set of compounds targeted that receptor, including the lead compound STX107. Sea seaside has shown that STX107 normalize efficiently function the mGluR5 signal path in transgenic animal models of Fragile X. This research was instrumental on select STX107 for further development and represents a further connection between Dr. Bear insight into the biology of Fragile X Syndrome and a small molecule antagonist of mGluR5 receptor.

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