Torontos Globe and Mail reports.

Copyright 2006 Advisory Board Organization and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.. 160 HIV-positive delegates at XVI International AIDS conference help to make refugee claims in Canada About 160 HIV-positive people who entered Canada from other countries to wait the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto last month have made refugee claims in which to stay the united states, Toronto’s Globe and Mail reports. Although no person is disqualified from making a refugee claim in Canada predicated on their HIV position, the united states rejects immigration applications from people decided to place an severe burden on Canada’s healthcare system, according to the Globe and Mail.We are optimistic that breakthrough science will result in targeted lung cancer remedies for females and we are able to give this patient group the medical attention they need. Furthermore to researching and dealing with lung cancer, Schiller is president of the plank of directors for the advocacy group Ladies Against Lung Tumor. Schiller is currently researching a novel approach to targeting lung cancer in women that relies on a chemotherapy agent that exploits the current presence of estrogen in women and its influence on the metabolism of proteins in the cancer tumor cell. Schiller is one of a team of investigators directing the international trial to evaluate the efficacy of a novel chemotherapy agent that are more effective in the presence of estrogen-regulated proteins.