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Inter-ethnic tensions in Solomon Islands: The key to good Foreign AidHealth aid contributes 60 percent of the funds for the Solomons. The islands have significant health concerns including a double burden of both infectious and chronic diseases. Coupled with losses from natural disasters, political instability and does inter-ethnic tensions, most Pacific islands rely heavily on donations and externally funded programs. Is performed according to Australian research in the Solomon Islands is a simple cooperation between agencies and local governments is key to good health help. – As more and more organizations to rebuild and strengthen health systems work services and delivery, it is important that these efforts are coordinated were in some cases there is little alignment of priorities between donors and local needs of the Solomon Ministry of. Health, lead author Dr Alexandra Martiniuk says the George Institute for International Health in Australia. – But what we see now, long term to improve towards more coordination and long-term commitment to the health landscape in the Solomon We hope this trend gains pace among more foreign aid agencies. .

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