Today by the Health Department according to survey results released.

And exposure to significant amounts of mercury early in life may cause learning problems because the brain is still developing. No one needs to cease eating fish, but some people may need to change the sort and amount they eat, Kass said. Young children, breastfeeding mothers, and females who are pregnant or planning pregnancy should eat seafood that are lower in mercury and limit seafood that are higher in mercury. To help educate New Yorkers about which seafood is right for them, the ongoing health Department has developed tips for pregnant and breastfeeding women and small children.‘This is actually the first time abstinence-induced adjustments in the functioning memory have been shown to accurately predict relapse in smokers,’ said senior author Lerman, who also serves as deputy director of Penn's Abramson Cancer Center. The research's lead author, Loughead, said: ‘The neural response to quitting even after one day can provide us valuable info that could inform new and existing personalized intervention approaches for smokers, which is needed greatly.’ Indeed, smoking cigarettes in the U.S.