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To to therapy.Absorb infected T cells or cancer cells. The problem with chemotherapy and radiation therapy is to destroy these T cells.researchers in Canada have potentially unlimited supplies of T cells cultured in the laboratory. Juan Carlos Zuniga – picker, University of Toronto, he and his team are very excited.

The knockout mice displayed social behavior, increased aggression and reduced cognitive flexibility leading to impaired resistance to change. These behaviors returned to normal, Dr. Johnnt. OTR-/-mice oxytocin or vasopressin received treatment. to confirm these results and emphasize the importance of oxytocin for social behaviors This animal model may also be considered when assessing the efficacy of drugs useful, including vasopressin agonists, which can improve social behavior in autism, schizophrenia and other diseases said Dr. John Krystal, Editor of Biological Psychiatry, the journal publishing these results.Debates that Unite to tackle climate changechildren and adolescents all over the world working to tackle climate change a new initiative to tackle, Unite for Climate has today to the International Children & Youth Conference held in Daejeon, Korea.

The issue of climate change.

Most tools be been designed low bandwidth areas of, such that more young people on joining Unite for Climate. Among of other partner have related YouTube and FlipCam supporting the Youth Climate Debates, The connecting be launched in South Korea as a part Unite for Climate.. UNICEF , together with United Nations organizations, NGOs, youth activists, academia and private sector who online area to enable young networking, youth and expert on climate change, use open source technological developed together. UNICEF and partners have been increasingly expanded the global reach the youth exposure through technological innovations.