The UTMB team took a new approach to stopping viral infection.

– The premise for this work is that the virus is essentially nothing without a cell, Davey, lead author of the paper on the research said, appearing this month in the journal Drug Discovery Research. It must be on many cell proteins and factors leave to replicate for them. The idea is, if we are the expression of this cell proteins for a short time for a short time, then the disease the disease in its tracks. .. The UTMB team took a new approach to stopping viral infection, using powerful new computational and analytical methods to on the host cell on the host cell as the virus according to microbiology and immunology associate professor Robert Davey.

.. Professor Johnson said that the ACE – report report more than 70 cost-saving and cost-effective preventive health measures need few key interventions have the greatest impact in terms of health gain and savings assessed identified. – Together with the recommendations of the National Preventative Health Taskforce and the previous ACE report in Victoria, offers the ACE – Prevention report a strong platform for increased government action to smoking, alcohol abuse and the burgeoning rates of obesity and and that are the driving force of our increasing rates of chronic disease, he said. – Of the most important interventions in the ACE – Prevention report we strongly support the proposals to increase taxes on tobacco and alcohol, conduct mandatory salt limits for bread, margarine and cereals, and improve screening for cardiovascular disease, Type – 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease identified, Professor Johnson said.For low income Merck prescription medicines for a small fee to Medicare recipients offer.

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