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Further analysis showed that genetic risk factors are genetic risk factors are uniquely found in individuals of European origin by comparing human data with genetic data from chimpanzees. The team were vérifier l’ensemble d’info . Concluded that the genetic variant is the result of a selection event in favor of variants that could of heart disease of heart disease, celiac disease and type 1 diabetes in European populations 3,400 years ago The authors suggest that the risk factors were positively selected for because they gave carriers an increased protection against infections. – ‘The study of blood properties is challenging because of the difficulty of teasing, alongside biological processes underlying the origin of blood cells,’says Dr. Christian Gieger, using these techniques,idemiology Research Unit at the Helmholtz Zentrum and co-lead of the consortium HaemGen. ‘Until now, few genome-wide association studies of individual characteristics have looked. But a systematic analysis of correlated features, we can begin to discover how common genetic variants. The foundation for understanding these processes these processes health and disease health and disease – ‘using these techniques, we can now begin to understand the complex genetic basis of of a number of human diseases. ‘.

The Team regions of the human genome in blood cell development associated with the regions where the risk of heart disease compared with complicated look at the genetic data of 10 People with the disease in 10,000 apparently healthy people, they found that one of the genetic variants associated with platelets also causes an increased risk of heart disease. The new variant in a region of the genome was known already found that the risk of high blood pressure affecting, celiac disease and diabetes in children and young adults, or so-called type – 1 diabetes.

Whilst medication and surgery aid deal with the results of of CHD, Sdringola say the underlying issue fat accumulation in blood vessels has is threaten, when not modify human behavior. – ‘The pellets does not replace, replace A method does not for healthy lifestyles,’he says. In a certain sense PET images serve as the a mighty tool in which patients the results of the choices, for good or ill. Virtually no other City in the world uses of PET imaging on a clinical routine basis order to measure the blood flow in the heart, says Lance Gould, co-investigator of the study and manager of the Weatherhead PE Imaging Centre. – ‘We can look in the heart , and us to see how people have been Dining over the last 15 years,’says Gould, Professor of Medicine of the UTHealth Medical School. ‘We are working with and say,’Here is your heart. Here is your life. Here are your choices and we shall help you. ‘.