The submission also includes reference to clinical data.

The 510 application concerns connected to the results of the bench testing apparatus with the interaction of laser and nitinol stents. This test shows that stents extensive fatigue testing following laser interaction had no fatigue failures. The submission also includes reference to clinical data. The safety and efficacy of excimer laser treatment of coronary ISR and an analysis of the preliminary data from the peripheral artery ISR study, which is currently in Germany Although the data from the Patent Study is preliminary, gns of damage during the procedure or stent has been observed during the subsequent follow-up..

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###Nearly 2,800 doctors and scientists from institutions around the world to plan, the ASTMH meeting, which will be take place December 7 to 11 at the Sheraton New Orleans, meet to discuss the latest research on infectious diseases and global health hazards..2 330 people in Northern Ireland currently need a transplant. Two hundred and ninety-seven required renal transplantation, 16 hepatic, 11 pulmonary, 4 a cardiac and 2 a combined heart / lungs.

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