The study was double blinded so that the participants.

The study 36 circumcised and uncircumcised men who VivaGel or a placebo gel applied topically to their penis once daily for 7 days compared. The study was double blinded so that the participants, principal investigator and study staff do not know who. Placebo or VivaGel .

In a previous in a previous completed clinical trial in women, there was no evidence of absorption of the drug VivaGel , SPL7013, into the blood after topical application.. Accepted a secondary endpoint, was shown in this study and interviews that VivaGel would be acceptable if the participants showed that protection against sexually transmitted infections, and there were some concerns about the potential impact on sexual pleasure.

Overall, this study demonstrated that VivaGel safe and well tolerated, and comparable to placebo, a secondary endpoint, penis both circumcised and uncircumcised healthy male volunteers once daily for seven days, and left in place for about 9 hours.– ‘We were delighted with the great interest in taking part in this study part of the two explorer and their prospective patients and clinical Human satisfied,’said Tariq Aslam, Chief Investigator and consultant eye specialist the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. ‘a matter of fact we enrollees view more sites and longer prospective customers accommodate a we will was able. Fact that these patients with wet AMD strikes and its eye doctors look forward to the possibility of represented a single therapy to get visual acuity with a simultaneous reduction or avoiding the need to of chronic medicamentous therapy with anti-VEGF injections ‘..

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