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‘We HGS and GSK Congratulations on reaching this important milestone in lupus research and in the development of new therapies for lupus We extend our appreciation to the researchers and study participants who have made this achievement possible: the physicians who have passionately committed. The research into this disease, and the in finding in finding new and necessary treatments for this devastating disease. ‘.

Both studies have succeeded in their primary endpoints, which should BENLYSTA eligible for approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration .. Replication Medical Receives Grant of almost $ 250.00 on the heels of successful clinical results with its innovative GelStix treatmentReplication Medical, a developer of proprietary, hydrogel based products for spine and other surgical applications, reported that it awarded a Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project grant from the U.S.Notes:Funding: We gratefully acknowledge the Department of Health and Policy Research Program for the financing of fieldwork for the studies . Of the donors was. Not matter at study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish is and preparation of the manuscript Looking statements in the publishing opinions are those of History and not necessarily that the Department of Health.

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