The presentations reflect the full spectrum of competence among the more than 5.

‘.. The presentations reflect the full spectrum of competence among the more than 5,000 researchers, clinicians and community leaders attending the conference July 17 to 20 July 17 to 20 in Rome. ‘The AIDS until now unprecedented mobilization of the population and significant progress in the prevention and treatment out,’said IAS 2014 International Chair and IAS President Elly Katabira. ‘But given the predictions we made of infections in the next ten years, along with the growing number of people live longer with HIV, it indeed makes sense to discuss, or fine-tuning of this reaction could better meet the new challenges that lie ahead.

In addition, resource limits determine that effective investments that are necessary to the best results both in the short and long term, and now.

– her in the social barriers to Effective HIV prevention plenary remarks, Susan Kippax , Professor Emeritus at the social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales suggested that the understanding of HIV prevention, human behavior can not be separated from their social, cultural and political structures, and the biomedical can not be distinguished from non – biomedical. Kippax argued that there is a need for social scientists at the table when it comes to discuss currently seen as the biggest challenge facing the HIV / AIDS policy-making comes to rest – prevention.

‘have to discussions about the future direction of HIV / AIDS policy begin a far greater voice to the social sciences give, ‘said Stefano Vella, IAS 2014 Local Co-Chair and Research Director at the Istituto Superiore di Sanit? ‘sciences sciences are an essential element to improve ourselves to help prevention, particularly in developing countries, where major challenges in the effective implementation of ART.In this study, 2,838 type 2 diabetes patient was administered to either Lipitor is or a placebo. The trial was conducted in UK and Ireland.

Disease that type 2 diabetic take advantage of statin , including those with normal cholesterol levels.

According to recent study, all Type of – 2 diabetics profit from statins , even those whose cholesterol are normal. Its chances of ever hearts disease or stroke would be significantly reduced such the Studie.838 people with type 2 diabetes part this study. The researchers found out that those at Atorvastatin their odds. Having a heart attack by 30 percent, stroke by almost 50 percent and every form of the cardiovascular disease, which reduced by the more than 30 percent – head writer Helen Colhoun, the University College, said: ‘This is one pioneering study with waterproof dates clearly show a advantage of being Options Warrants man at really looking to their treat of this group of patient.