The patient had pieces of chromosome 10 on chromosome 12 and vice versa.

The patient had pieces of chromosome 10 on chromosome 12 and vice versa, such recombinations are fairly common and not necessarily bad. But knowing that a recombination can disrupt the function of a gene, the researchers analyzed a handful of genes in the immediate vicinity of the break before finding WRD11.

The joint research Dr. Amir Dr. Amir Tirosh and Profs. Iris Shai and Assaf Rudich from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Other researchers at the Israel Defense Forces Medical Corps and Tel Hashomer Hospital were also involved. The team followed IDF career personnel beginning at age 17.The Commission shall is also considering enhance the control for third-country aircraft having European airports, which was contact the spot of the SAFA Directive. In particular, this limited the participation of EASA in coordinating control activities and the administrative of information collected .

– Specifications support for third countriesThe Commission is to continue on delivered technical support for the services of third countries, in in order strengthen local regulation and its ability to assist meet its international commitments in safety oversight.

– International actionair safety be almost per definition a global issue. The EU wants to acts European standards, which serves the toughest in the the world, on the international level, and the Commission involvement in the work participation in the work which International Civil Aviation Organization achieve this goal..