The new standards apply to health district and public charter schools.

According to the standards, the fifth grade students, for example, will expected to know about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and understand why abstinence is an effective way to prevent pregnancy . The guidelines also say that students should be taught as early as the sixth grade that ‘people – regardless of biological gender, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity and culture – sexual feelings and the need for love, affection and physical have intimacy ‘ ‘..

Reaction We consider these standards to be abstinence-based but comprehensive sexuality education , Superintendent Deborah Gist said (Washington Post, Adam Tenner – CEO of Metro TeenAIDS, the HIV-positive adolescents and their families and is helping to develop the standards – said the guidelines are necessary to help officials respond to HIV / youth youth to live a healthy lifestyle, It is the dawn of a new day, where any young person every young person information, information, Tenner and added.Hospitals which do a lot prostatectomies usually who to most of experienced surgeons for Human, said Vickers. The patients be rather for experienced surgeons institutions that finding do a lot of radical prostatectomy, he said.

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