The new medicines would be the first major change in decades.

.. The new medicines would be the first major change in decades, medications used to treat psychiatric disorders, says neuroscientist and team leader Yu Tian Wang, UBC professor of Medicine and BRC member. – We are designing a whole new generation of drugs that will work only on brain cells in areas that need to be repaired, says Wang. This new type of drug is correct abnormal brain functions, specifically, so that patients do not experience the side effects to existing drugs that found the whole brain concern.

For more information about the awards may Neuroscience Canada at.. Functions of drugs for Psychiatric Disorders repair Smart drugs capable certain brain cells psychiatric disorders such as psychiatric disorders such as autism and schizophrenia can be ready for early clinical trials within three years, with the introduction of a $ 1,000 project held at Brain Research Centre , a partnership of the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute .

The Brain Research Centre at UBC Hospital, comprises more than 160 investigators multidisciplinary expertise in the neurosciences and from the test tube, to the bedside, to industrial spin-offs.Neuroscience Canada Brain Repair Program is an $ 8 – million program, which support support, support from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to Canada to world-class neuroscience research.No surprised found the groups that patient Augmented bubbles was longer asymptomatic bacteriuria. However, they also determined that urinary tract infections in patient with augmented bubbles kidney transplant were raised compared with the controls. They also found in that survival rate between the 2 groups between the 2 groups.

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