The long working hours without any physical movement disturbs the entire internal system.

It works as a red light signal in the operating of normal body processes. Natural Energy Foods are the basic need of every person whether he is healthy or not. The assortment of energetic food offers the benefit to comprehensive body. If the individual suffers with health problems he must replace the processed foods with the fruits after that, vegetables, grains and nuts like nutritious diet. In such conditions steadily body is capable to catch the healthful track. The way of selection of the vegetables and fruits is not depend on their taste or attractive colors.‘It’s a tiny change having to proceed through an airlock on the way to class,’ mentioned Travis Washko, director of sports at the British College of Beijing, to The Guardian about a few of the new ways the city’s institutions are coping with the problem. ‘However the children love it, and parents is now able to rest assured their children are playing in a safe environment.’ If it weren’t for the dome, students will be forced outdoors into a thick coating of noxious pollution that almost never subsides.