The leading cause of fetal death after 28 weeks gestation an unexplained source.

.. Ruth Fretts, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Harvard Medical School and chairman of the scientific Committee for the International stillbirth Alliance, said: It is a trade-off – you will scare a lot of people by discussing stillbirth after Fretts ‘ research, the leading cause of fetal death after 28 weeks gestation an unexplained source. Writes writes: Several doctors told us privately that many OB-GYNs afraid charges misconduct stillbirth after, what to avoid them, citing a cause of death.

According to sources familiar with the bill, it will be placed in the Senate before the August recess. The legislation will expand stillbirths registries in Iowa and in Iowa and metropolitan Atlanta. The bill supporters hope that as many as 12 in the registry in the registry and install a standard protocol for data collection after each stillbirth. Another provision would create a campaign to raise the public and grief support services, write Goldbach (Goldbach, Washington Post.

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