The head of the hemagglutinin is very changeable.

the head of the hemagglutinin is very changeable, which can neutralize the rise in forms of the virus to evade the antibodies. However , the shaft[ neck] is region highly conserved hemaglutinin, because it receives enable a dramatic conformational change to the entry of viral RNA in the host cell, it is very difficult, a mutation that is not destroyed explained function, which explains why do not we see escape mutants and why antibodies antibodies such a variety of strains of influenza, he added..

Escape head antibodies by mutation into a form that they to a to a more Marasco says:.. An important part of of the work that Marasco and colleagues did this study the the detailed atomic structure of a portion of the influenza virus that the monoclonal antibodies they produced bound This is in a hidden part of the virus in the neck under the peanut-shaped head of the hemagglutinin protein. HA and neuraminidase are two proteins of the virus.

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