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– The use of inhaled mannitol for assessing airway disease – Direct versus indirect airway challenges – with a dry powder mannitol versus methacholine as a challenge for routine – Inhaled mannitol as treatment for children with cystic fibrosis – implications for practice – Infectious lung diseases including tuberculosis – A randomized, placebo – controlled study of inhaled mannitol in patients with bronchiectasis – cough and hypersensitivity of the airways – A comparison of inhaled mannitol , methacholine provocation and eucapnic voluntary hyperventilation as diagnostic tests for the exercise of bronchoconstriction in cross country skiers – Assessment of inflammation, aimshyperresponsiveness and response exercise in asthmatic children – Mannitol dry powder challenge in comparison with exercise testing and methacholine challenge test in children – Responsiveness to mannitol and exercise challenge in children with asthma – Association between mannitol dry powder challenge test results and fractional exhaled nitric oxide in children – exercise – induced asthma, acute severe asthma and allergic rhinitis in children – Change of exercise challenge tests and mannitol challenge test during optimized asthma treatment in adolescents induced with exercise asthma – Investigation, inspiration, ventilation, dedication: the nature of the physiological measurement – the perception of breathlessness during induced bronchoconstriction by mannitol in COPD – phenotyping of asthma and COPD – airway hyperresponsiveness to mannitol and exhaled NO related inflammatory subtypes in asthma surmontil .

A comprehensive program of research is presented in ERS symposiums and poster sessions relating to the lung challenge product Aridol and mucus clearing agent, Bronchitol.

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Principles 4: No more of blind leading health. Family, Store, device manufacturers, Hospital, pharmaceutical company and another Users in the U.S. Health care to interact in a complex and often confusing example. We need to ensure that all stakeholders. Their opportunities to understand the impact on the costs of the options and that expected health and economical consequences of their decisions.