The developer of the ATI Neurostimulation Program designed for the treatment of severe headaches.

Dr. Arne May, Neuroscientist at the University Medical center First and Hamburg-Eppendorf Vice President of the German Migraine and Headache Society. ‘This study provides obvious proof that SPG stimulation is definitely a feasible and effective therapy for the treating cluster headache.’ ‘We are very pleased with the positive results of the medical research,’ said Ben Pless, President and Chief Executive Officer of Autonomic Technologies. ‘We are delighted to start out making the ATI Neurostimulation Program available to cluster headache patients in Europe so that they may control their unpleasant attacks.’ The ATI Neurostimulation Program is CE marked for the treatment of cluster headache.In someone who doesn’t have diabetes, about 5 % of most hemoglobin can be glycated. For somebody with diabetes and high blood sugar amounts, the A1C level is normally higher than regular. How high the A1C level rises depends upon what the standard blood glucose level was during the past weeks and months. Amounts can range between regular to as high as 25 % if diabetes is horribly out of control for a long time. In the current Revisions to the Specifications of Medical Care in Diabetes, the section on Diagnosis of Diabetes has been revised to add the usage of A1C to diagnose diabetes, with a cut-stage of 6.5 % or greater. The section previously titled Medical diagnosis of Pre-diabetes provides been renamed Types of Improved Risk for Diabetes.