The cumulative rate of the primary endpoint.

The paper, entitled A year clinical outcome after provisional T – stenting for bifurcation lesions with the endothelial progenitor cell capture stent compared with the bare-metal stent, is based on a single-center, non-randomized study. The study involved 178 consecutive patients who were treated percutaneous coronary intervention for de novo bifurcation lesion with a Genous stent and underwent 465 consecutive patients BMS BMS.. The cumulative rate of the primary endpoint, the composite of cardiac death, myocardial infarction , or target lesion revascularization at one year follow-up was 12.4 percent for patients with a Genous stent were treated with a 30 percent reduction to 17.2 percent in the control group were treated with BMS.

1988. Tract Urothelial Cell Carcinoma After Primary bladder cancer: a population based – Upper tract tumors after primary bladder cancers are difficult to detect and are relatively rare. Historically, the literature has cited a 2-7 percent chance of developing secondary UTT after primary bladder cancer. Despite the adoption of many different monitoring protocols, patients routinely present with symptoms.

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