The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses.

Resource Association of periOperative Registered Nurses.. AORN works with Pennsylvania’s signing of HB 1641 requiring perioperative RN during surgery As advocates for individual safety in the operating area, the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, , declared support for Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell’s signing of HB 1641 requiring the current presence of a circulating nurse in certain operating rooms. The bill, on June 16 signed into law, applies to any class or hospital C ambulatory surgical service. It states that just a registered nurse, licensed in the continuing state of Pennsylvania and certified by training and experience in working room nursing, can function as a circulating nurse during all surgical procedures performed in a health care service under general anesthesia or deep sedation in a health care facility’s working room.Med.. AGD Web portal gives handy tips about oral health care It is now time of year when we all make the same old New Year’s resolutions. Exercise even more. Eat better. Lose fat. What about committing to better oral health? The Academy of General Dentistry’s consumer Web portal,, is a superb place to start. The portal is packed with valuable details, from pertinent issues affecting children, teens, seniors and adults to how to find a general dentist. ‘Dental trends and remedies are continuously changing and improving,’ says AGD President David F. Halpern, DMD, FAGD. ‘ helps consumers stick to the leading edge of what’s new and what’s best because of their teeth’s health.