Take good care of the wound so it shall heal rather than scar.

Keep adhesive strips on the wound for approximately 5 days. Then soak them for removal. Do not peel them off. Always keep the wound dry and clean. Skin regains tensile strength slowly. At the right period of suture removal, the wound has just regained about 5 percent-10 percent of its strength. As a result, protect the wound from damage through the next month. Injured cells also requires additional security from sun`s damaging ultraviolet rays for the next several months. The usage of sunscreen during this time period of healing is well advised for those certain areas that are exposed.If you want to cure pimples, prevent fatty foods, nuts, caffeine, and lack of sleep. Combine these healthy practices with medication and you’ll be produced. You can look into anti-acne solutions that are available over-the-counter, solutions which have well-diluted components such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and alphahydroxy acid. Clearasil, Benoxyl and Benzac are just some of the acne removing solutions you will find in beauty shops, and not need prescriptions to purchase. Beware however – a few of these medicines are unsafe to make use of for those who have special physical needs, like women that are pregnant. It really is still safer to consult with a doctor before using these medicines. Lotions which have in them are also quite popular as acne remedies aloe.