Symptoms of asthma and GERD often overlap.

Symptoms of asthma and GERD often overlap, making it difficult for doctors to distinguish between the two states, and about half of asthma patients, the reflux also have no symptoms. Acid reflux. Causes the airways in the lungs constrict and asthmatic narrowing of the airways can induce acid reflux.

In addition does not improve asthmaNew research suggests that a common treatment for persistent acid reflux in asthmatics do not really improve their quality of life. The finding that as many as one-third of those studied showed no improvement makes a strong case arguing that doctors should change how they currently treat these patients.

About 20 million Americans have asthma, with symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, tightness in the chest and shortness of breath.Information is by courtesy from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. They can enjoy the full Kaiser Daily Health policy coverage from, search the archives and log on email delivery on royal HealthNews.

Reform, an employer plan to Shift key more health care cost for employees.

Staff in large enterprises have some stable and comprehensive healthcare supplies in the nation. However, the new survey is reminder to us that people that should insurance companies can not likely count to the continuation of the the status quo. With or without the reform, coverage in large companies are less affordable, and could became more restrictive .