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Memory, such as attention, plays a central role in the recognition and awareness as we become aware of and deal with the world around us, so the more we find out about their underlying neuronal mechanisms the better our opportunities to improve the diagnosis and treatment of brain conditions, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, perception and learning disorders. ‘Neuronal synchrony reveals working memory networks and predicts individual memory Matias Palva, Simo Monto, Shrikanth Kulashekhar and Satu Palva PNAS ahead of print April 5, 2010 DOI – Catharine 10.1073/pnas .0913113107.

t in a specific enzyme are sensitive to a New Drug ‘ ADI – PEG 20’Polaris Group scientists and university staff at the American Association for Cancer Research reported that a number of different cancers in a in a specific enzyme argininosuccinate , the pegylated arginine deiminase can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Polaris is testing this drug in melanoma patients and patients with hepatocellular carcinoma , two tumors that are deficient, deficient, and we are preparing a global phase 3 clinical trial in HCC initiate, seek approval for marketing ADI – PEG 20 said Dr. Bor – Wen Wu, CEO of Polaris. In addition, these results show that new ADI-PEG a number of other be advantageous in a number of other tumors. .

In laboratory studies, that hAMCs:transformed into heart muscle cells, to 33 per cent beat spontaneously. Ie scarred area from damaged rat hearts 13 % 18 % if injected following a heart attack. Surviving over four weeks in rats cardiac, not which the recipient denied by the immune system, without immunosuppressant medications. The ability to convert from hAMCs in myocardial cells were substantially larger than the derived from mesenchymal cells from bone marrow and grease, said Miyoshi. That the implanted cells have not been rejected is likely because their waters be a barrier between a woman and her a developing fetus. Order to prevent your immune system attacking either products other than tissue which , the amniotic membrane therebetween between them to the protein which use the immune system in order to identify foreign tissue. That is, the conventional tissue type matching would be required prior to transplant no necessary if hAMCs was used. Drugs that suppress of the immune could not required after transplantation. Togashi, results suggest also hAMCs to cells of cells on various organs.

On Epeius BiotechnologiesEpeius Biotechnologies Corporation is an biopharmaceutical company developing, to the promotion genetic medicine to development and commercialization to its leading items Rexin – E and Reximmune – C, and their high-performance gene delivery systems.