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Group concerned about proposals to drug marketing on social media sites allowThe Center for Digital Democracy is concerned about proposals to allow pharmaceutical companies to market drugs on social media sites. Such a change is currently reports from the Food and Drug Administration, the National Journal Tech Daily Dose.

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Based upon this principle, which had been patented by VIB, ActoGeniX – a spin-off from VIB and Ghent University – being already the development of many of biopharmaceutical drugs for a multitude of clinical indications.

##Relevant scientific papers This research be at of authoritative review Gastroenterology Vandenbroucke et al, Gastroenterology, 502-513 Steidler et al Nature Biotechnology, 785-789 .. Oral consumption from allergens and auto – antigens of via the lactic acid bacterium is Lactococcus lactic could a new strategic to treat types of autoimmune diseases and allergic illnesses. VIB research at Ghent University, in cooperation with the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam is linked have demonstrated that auto – antigens or allergens on via the lactic acid bacterium.