Strengthening public health laboratory supply and distribution.

Countries need laboratory staff training to strengthen ensure ensure monitoring equipment maintenance, strengthening public health laboratory supply and distribution, improved management information systems, and evaluate laboratory services and adequate funding for services by various mechanisms, income-generating activities budget and income-generating activities.

The report says that Member States continue to send samples to other countries to confirm through different mechanisms to outbreaks. The establishment of competence centers or public health laboratory diagnostic services is therefore a major challenge for most countries in the African region. He recommends a combination of complementary measures, actions and strategies to address the region to the weak laboratory capacity.A survey revealed a quarter switch motivated to turn generic drugs, branded drugs copay been 20 USD cheaper than with brand-name drugs. From these results, Independence will be recommend a $ 20 difference in price of drug copays, according to Burnham. The typical difference between copays generic and brand-name drugs being $ 10 to $ 20 (Burling, Philadelphia Inquirer.. Employer is still have the opportunity to forego copays on generic in choosing the health insurance plans.

2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.. During the program, the proportion prescriptions filled to generics increased from 52 percent to 58.3 percent, to spokeswoman Karen Burnham independence. The company is estimated that the members of the program stored some $ 50 million into refrained co-payments. On a third of the Independence 3.2 million members into the enjoyment of program. Burnham said insurance continues to expect members switching to generic drugs, though copays waived waived.

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