So the authors of an article published in the latest issue of The Lancet.

Hazardous drinking includes both excessive consumption of regular beverage alcohol such as beer, wine and sprits and drinking of non-beverage alcohol such as colognes, medical tinctures and cleaning agents.. Zimmerman and colleagues in Brazil studied the persistence of cognitive damage in mice with documented cerebral malaria after cure of the acute parasitic disease with chloroquine, an antimalarial drug therapy by administering a battery of behavioral tests to these mice determined postdoctoral researcher Patricia Rice that impairment in memory skills was still present 30 days after the initial infection with malaria Cognitive deficits that persist for years after the episode of cerebral malaria in 11 % to 28 % of children who reported to to survive the infection. Of The Lancet.ohol drinking causes nearly half of all deaths in working age Russian men Hazardous Alcohol consumption causes 43 percent of deaths in the Russian men aged 25-54, so the authors of an article published in the latest issue of The Lancet.

The comment authors conclude: ‘There are still open questions that should be answered in future research, improved measurement of ethanol intake of non – alcoholic drinks and a better control of confounding factors, before specific measures on alcohol policy are suggested.VI to intracellular transporting obstructionsacademics of the Centre of Cancer Biomedicine at the Norway Radium Hospital be the first ones to show that the uptake and accumulation of nanoparticles cells can be to disturb important intracellular transport route.

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