What to do to increase libido in men and women?

To increase libido, you need to know the reasons for its decrease

Lowering the libido is a fairly common problem, especially in our chaotic times.

Modern people seem strange, as a few centuries ago the peasants, working tirelessly, managed to give birth to so many children. Today, many men need to buy pills for erectile dysfunction. Nowadays, invented new vacuum pump for ed. Read about it here.

Yes, and obscene stories about the irrepressible strength of the peasants and the passion of widows luring into their networks other people’s husbands, suggest that earlier not many people thought about how to increase libido in men or – in women.

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Why is today’s life, facilitated by progress, not burdened by heavy physical labor, leads to sexual dysfunction?

The causes that cause a decrease in libido:

  • chronic diseases (when a person constantly feels bad, he is not up to intimacy);
  • taking medications that destroy desire (some antidepressants are dangerous in this regard);
    stress and emotional shocks;
  • overwork;
  • obesity or dystrophy;
  • malnutrition (eg, prolonged sitting on a diet);
  • mental illness;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • intrapersonal problems;
  • strained relations with a partner, etc.

What to do to increase libido in men and women?

Before embarking on an increase in libido, it is advisable to understand what exactly led to sexual dysfunction.

If you understand this, you can neutralize the source of irritation.

Perhaps this will be enough to return the intimate desire, and you do not have to think more how to increase the libido.

If you can not understand for yourself what led to a decrease in libido, a doctor in this industry (sex therapist, psychotherapist) will help men and women in this.