Reuters Health reports.

Health. Skeptical Joint Replacement Surgery as White finds studyblacks and Asian-Americans perceive joint replacement surgery as riskier procedure than whites a study in a study in the August issue of the Journal of Rheumatology, Reuters Health reports. For the study, lead researcher Rajiv Ghandi of the University of Toronto and colleagues studied 1,609 scheduled scheduled to receive total hip or knee replacement surgery. All the participants were identical information about the potential risks and benefits of the procedure and were treated by one of two surgeons at the same hospital..

Other studies have shown that whites are more likely than blacks have heard the surgery or known someone who had been through the procedure are. Researchers suggest that physicians and explain better educate and explain the benefits and risks of the procedure for the patients. ‘ ‘communicate simply may not be enough to alleviate their uncertainty about the operation, the evidence for the efficacy of treatment of a patient ‘(Reuters Health.. The University of Pennsylvania, the researchers by H. Lee Sweeney, led research treatments inhibit muscle fibrosis, or scarring, which causes muscle dysfunction. By reducing scarring Such treatments may not only improve muscle function, but can also muscle regeneration and increases the effectiveness of drugs, gene and stem cell therapies for muscular dystrophies .Complete editorial content of and interactive discussion groups for each published items can be retrieve free of charge at magazine Web website.. Annals of Family Medicine is a peer-reviewed scientific periodical that offers a cross-disciplinary ,, evidence-based information, which discipline of , the primary care. In May 2003, magazine of six by six family members medical organizations are, including the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Board of Family Medicine, from the Society of Teacher of Family Medicine, the Association of Department of Family Medicine, which Federation of Child Medicine Residency Director and the North American Primary Care Research Group.

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