Professor Mike Gill and Dr Robin Stott.

They say that agree the non-compliance to a radical reduction in emissions spells global health catastrophe. – Professor Mike Gill and Dr Robin Stott, co-chairs of the UK Climate and Health Council, said: ‘Climate change is already causing major health problems, this is the first step towards a global network of health professionals who, by speaking to protect and to protect and improve the health of people in rich and poor worlds. ‘.

Almost 1,000 patients Critical Care gave each year.. , Professor Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians, Sir Muir Gray, director of the Campaign for Greener Healthcare, Hamish Meldrum, Chairman of Council, British Medical Association, Fiona Godlee, editor of the British Medical Journal and Lancet Editor Richard Horton include founding members.

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Pre computer imaging are now widely using in facial plastic surgery, according to background information in the article. The technology can improve communication between doctor and patient, reconciling difference between a patient and a surgeon aesthetic needs, aid during the preoperative analysis and planning, and to identify patient with unrealistic expectations.