Phill Wilson.

Phill Wilson, CEO of the Black AIDS Institute, said CDC response is inadequate to HIV / AIDS to address among the black population. ‘The basic question is: ‘Why are not we doing a better job in response to the epidemic in black America? ( (Bloomberg / Philadelphia Inquirer, Mark Cloutier, CEO of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, that the ‘house is on fire for African-American gay men for many years,’adding that HIV ‘redistributed ‘among black MSM but health workers ‘do not bring the fire corps it'(San Francisco Chronicle.

A kaiser network. Jrg interview with Wilson from the XVII International AIDS Conference about the updated HIV incidence numbers is available online also.

/ AIDS prevention / AIDS prevention said the high number of new infections among young MSM factors such as a lack of access to effective HIV prevention and the underestimation can be attributed to the personal risk. He added that many younger men have not personally the severity of the early AIDS epidemic experienced. the Times reports, that more young black men are in prison, and HIV / AIDS is among the former prisoners in the first place because of conduct outside of prison high, according to studies.The federal Centers of Disease Control and Prevention analyzed. The disease, which has as pneumonic tularemia, usually treated with antibiotics, but may be lead to pneumonia.

‘We know what did this happen to,’said Timmons.

By a bacteria by a bacterium in wild animal species , especially rodents and rabbits. Human can be infection due to bites of infected animals or infected insect, deal with corpses, consumption of contaminated food or, in rare cases, breathing in the bacterium. It is no transfer from man to man.. CDC is interesting to because All three of them this rare inhaled form of the disease, told Lancaster County healthcare authority of Tim Timmons.