Penn researchers consent to the AIR 2 start clinical study.

Penn researchers consent to the AIR 2 start clinical study, obtained and are now enrolling patients. If you have asthma, are between 18 and 65 years and are a Non smoking, you can participate to participate in this study. The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania is the only place in the state participated in this study and, finally, one of 20 sites to be nationwide.

– Until now, if you suffer from asthma, medication has the only treatment available to you for relief. But now, clinical researchers hope to open at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania , a new way to relieve the debilitating symptoms of asthma – through an investigative bronchoscopic procedure in which the smooth muscles of the airways that causes the spasm, reduced, by applying thermal energy. Even though the smooth muscle in your airway serves no apparent purpose, if something goes wrong doing with it, it can lead to problems, explains Ali Musani, an interventional pulmonologist at Penn and principal investigator of of the study. It can constrict, tighten, and narrow the airway considerably.Pregnant women visit more likely frequently consult a doctor and tend to motivated to for changes in lifestyle to make making protecting the health of their babies, he added.

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