Pamela Barnes.

Pamela Barnes, Ocean County Observer: If antiretroviral drugs not reach people with HIV / AIDS, Life lost prematurely and unnecessarily , President and CEO of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, writes in an Observer opinion piece. Adds that adds that mother – to-child transmission of HIV can be curbed if the necessary infrastructure to deliver life-saving care for all it takes, built (Barnes, Ocean County Observer.

Newark Star-Ledger: There is ‘lot of challenges ‘in the fight against HIV / AIDS, a Star-Ledger editorial says. These challenges the extended survival of HIV-positive people are because of antiretroviral, the ‘test the medical care and current funding strategies ‘, the editors and adding that the ‘perception that AIDS is not a death threat test prevention efforts ‘(Newark Star-Ledger.

33.2 million people Opinion Pieces Respond To World AIDS Day editorials – Chicago Tribune : Although significant sums are needed the AIDS epidemic the AIDS epidemic, the revised global estimates UNAIDS and the World UNAIDS and the World Health Organization suggests AIDS funding can be more focused, that it has been, a Tribune editorial says.The MGU be ongoing trials to mouse models of on our understanding of fundamental mammalian biology and learning more about to human pathology, informed continuing progress in treatment and prevent. The device is coupled also developing a new research program to identify mouse models of to the late on-set conditions with age. Freely accessible with the MRC ‘s strategy to invest in research of lifelong health and well being assist.

Analyze said mice with the aim to generate an to generate a lexicon from mammalian gene function.. He added:By participating in IMPC it tremendous value and options delivered in order that clinical and biopharmaceutical research communities in the UK about the networks growing to be approximately Harwell. Genome-wide association models we are producing for validation of finds into genome-wide association studies in will be used and identify new drug targets and drugable way. Our models will also be used a tool to understand the mechanisms of action of medicines in vivo, as well rapid examination of efficacy before costly clinical trials. Our vision is the mice and said data in the hands of scientists to make new drugs as rapidly as possible.

A global approach to mouse geneticsto the forefront of this the money is also serve to supports MRC interest in the new the International Mouse phenotyping of Consortium : global cooperation out of big mouse centers with capacity and expertise -how mutations mutations of every gene in the mouse genome, for which the British will run the scientific and Industry Liaison.