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Unless rising reimbursements for nurse practitioners and physicians ‘ assistants encourage those providers to take up the slack, said Pauly.Meanwhile, overall demand will increase to primary care, since more people can afford it under the Affordable Care Act, said Joanne Spetz, a health policy professor at the University of California, San Francisco.

– This is really in Josephine County, the retirees moved to the timber industry collapsed evident.. At the Grants Pass Clinic, Bruce Stowell said they no longer accept new Medicare patients Medicare is charged about 45 % of what commercial insurance pays.He said they wanted to primary-care doctors emphasize wellness and prevention now, many graduates are in specialties that do not moved. Procedures, such as surgery, because Medicare pays for it more than plain-old doctor visits. – Pauly said the Affordable Care Act ‘sets a high value on wellness programs and primary care nurses, especially nurse practitioners are to play an important role. ‘.

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