Our experts are clear low levels of vitamin D may of poor of poor bone health.

‘Our experts are clear – low levels of vitamin D may of poor of poor bone health, including rickets in young children,’Davies said, adding that it was important to raise awareness and they will ‘Contact health professionals on the need to prescribe and recommend vitamin D for vulnerable groups. ‘.

And worldwidee with high blood pressuremiddle-aged women with restless legs syndrome have a 6 to 41 to 41 percent risk for high blood pressure than other women – the risk is linked to the severity and frequency their RLS, researchers from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School reported in the journal hypertension: Journal of the American Heart Association.. Hypertension is one of the main risk factors for heart disease and stroke. The authors wrote that millions of people in the U.S. And worldwide with RLS have a significantly increased risk for high blood pressure.With a minimal risk for marketing first superconducting cyclotron on Hadron Therapy.

The agreement between the Italian the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and of the Belgian company Iba produced for marketing, into field of biomedicine of said first superconducting cyclotron proton and carbon ions and, has been official announced today. The innovative project, being developed by the INFN National Laboratories in Southern and created to the contribution that Iba -specific 20-year experience in the art of the the cyclotron for medical uses has been designed for hospital centers of oncology hadron therapy..

Within the scope of the research for develop new syncrotrons INFN has worked for the development of a multiparticulate Zyklotron, that protons and carbon ions by which of energy needed to hadrontherapic treatments. ‘This new the cyclotron provides a large technological advantage. Thanks to is to first time an physician be selected the option patients treated ions or protons and. According to type of tumor, with compact, easily handled and decision less as the traditional tool having by of ions This new machine, it is is possible to deal with tumors with a a maximum depth of 18 centimeters, ‘said Giacomo Cuttone and Luciano Calabretta of the INFN Southern National Labs.

There are to the world a number of centers on hadron therapy, especially Japan and in the U.S.