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The studies 683 wounds from which 322 patients were involved in suture closure and 351 staple closure. In general, the risk of developing a superficial wound infection more than three times greater after staple closure than suture closure.

C.c1199.. First treatment not only prevents serious health problems, but it can improve the mental well-being of veterans with heavy combat exposure to higher levels than their comrades who combat, combat, Ardelt said.

Sutures over staples for wound closure in orthopedic surgery: meta-analysis Toby O Smith, research physiotherapist in orthopedics, honorary lecturer Debbie Sexton, senior orthopedic physiotherapist Charles Mann, consultant orthopedic surgeon Simon Donell, Consultant orthopedic surgeon, Honorary Professor musculoskeletal disorders BMJ 2013; 340: c1199 doi: 10.1136/bmj.Order that abstract for this article, clicking here.

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