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Scottish Deputy Health Minister Lewis Macdonald said:’ NHSBT from from UK Transplant responsibility for the allocation mediacl article . Of organs for transplantation in the UK, we in Scotland are delighted to be working with Martin Gorham, to ensure that the organ-sharing agreements on a UK base to work on. ‘.

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The organizations up their cooperation on areas of public health European based on joint interests and challenges. In addition, identified Potential of improvements through more joint action. Those cooperation on concrete issues also benefits from national health policy-makers, because the 27 EU Member State and members of the European Region. Partnerships between them international health authorities actors who smoothly smoothly coordinating on political, technical and operational levels , means that View all EU countries can be supported improve health policies. ‘The collaboration between WHO / Europe and DG SANCO produced a series of advantages both organizations and EU citizens,’said Dr Andrzej Rys, Director of Public Health in of DG SANCO. ‘New collective public healthcare projects are major policy improvement in important fields to to EU and world health care. ‘ – ‘We are both with the Commission and with the countries in on increase health gains for EU citizens, and that future work of WHO / Europe is closely linked the development of public health in the European Union,’said Dr. Nata Menabde, WHO Deputy Regional Director of for Europe. ‘At the same time, that work benefit a wider Europe. Related harm Member States shall European Region are often interested into the EU health policy and processes of. Over his health mandate WHO / Europe well as a natural ally of the Commission has bring to how European knowledge generated and experience to to the non-EU Member States. ‘.