No single optimal strategy optimal strategy when the fight against the spread of a pandemic.

Scientists at the Department of Energy Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have a Pandemic Influenza Planning Tool to the spread of the disease by various age groups and geographic populations model on. It also allows the decision makers to consider carefully the benefit of their decisions for different scenarios in advance. – ‘No single optimal strategy optimal strategy when the fight against the spread of a pandemic,’said Robert Brigantic, PNNL operations scientist: ‘But, the use of this tool allow health officials predict could develop a could develop an illness different if are applied are applied.

-to-date working with Biosense Webster to deliver exciting results for our customers. .. Pandemic Toolkit Offers Flu With A ViewAs communities brace for rising wintertime influenza cases, scientists are developing a mathematical and visual analytic toolkit to help health officials quickly analyze pandemics and craft better coping skills.

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