New concerns arise in some public health experts.

The vaccine, which requires a three – dose protects against certain sexually transmitted forms of HPV that cause many cases of cervical cancer, according to The World . Panama is the first country to mandatory vaccination and offer it without cost, expense, $ 5,000 per year on the program. The World reports that parents have on the whole, the vaccination program, unlike in the U.S., welcomed where there were some objections to the vaccination of young girls on the grounds that it might encourage sexual activity.. In the United States program Stirs Debate on Public Health EducationPRI studied The World as as Panama campaign to vaccinate all girls against human papillomavirus at the age of 10, new concerns arise in some public health experts, as much information the government should disclose about such programs.

According to The World, many women in Panama do not get routine pap smears, so that the vaccine is the most effective way to protect to women against HPV. Turner said that in the first months of the program, 19,000 girls were vaccinated, including many girls from small villages. Turner admitted that the health department has downplayed the relationship between HPV and sexual activity. She said: I saw the outrage over the HPV vaccine abroad and tried by avoiding only on cancer. in Panama in Panama can be sensitive about sex , Die Welt reports. For example, if the government is to introduce a comprehensive sex education in the schools attempt last autumn, a lot of debate ultimately crushed the effort, according to The World (thus, The World .. Health Authority Strawberries with E.Individuals with liver cirrhosis are also susceptible to a change in heart rhythm . There cirrhosis, hepatic encephalopathy and heart rate variability are known to be related to related inflammation, the playing to play what role cytokines .

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