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The case fatality rate was 6.). Isolates were available for serotyping in 187 of the 203 pediatric cases due to S. Pneumoniae. PCV7 serotypes accounted for 15.5 percent of the pediatric cases overall and 13.0 percent of cases in the 2-to-23-month age group. The case fatality price was similar among children contaminated with PCV7 isolates and the ones infected with non-PCV7 isolates . Among patients under 5 years of age, the most common serotypes were 19A , 7F , 10A , and 22F . PCV13 serotypes accounted for 60.0 percent of cases in children between 2 and 23 months of age and 57.2 percent in children of any age.The experience of both research centres will serve to deepen the data of these diseases in various aspects. The agreement, that may initially last for two years, aims to motivate collaboration between both of these research centres. Specifically, scientific collaboration is expected in the area of genomics and also functional studies of instances of neurodegenerative diseases. If we study neurodegenerative illnesses from a genomic perspective we will most likely discover fundamental explanations about the causes , clarifies Xavier Estivill, coordinator of the CRG Genes and Disease program and member of the follow-up commission for tasks with the ACE Base. As we age afterwards in life than we did previously, neurodegenerative diseases have become more common.