Mr Cameron used his speech to the critics that lacks tackle real substance.

Mr Cameron used his speech to the critics that lacks tackle real substance. Facing up to real issues. And make it clear where you stand is what leadership is all on. I would like to direct the question of substance. The substance is not about a ten-point plan. They are deeper things than that. It’s about knowing what you believe. It’s about. Sticking to your guns – It is about time to think things through, not trotting the easy answers the people the people It’s about character and judgment and consistency it comes to politics, but it is about developing policy for the long term. he said.

IPF is a rare and fatal lung disease that combined more than 200,000 patients in the EU and the United States, with a survival rate of only 20 % after five years. The results were from the online version of The Lancet 13th May will be published in 2014 and will be print version print version. – These newly published data demonstrate the favorable risk-benefit profile of pirfenidone in patients with IPF, consistent with the recent approval by the European Medicines Agency of pirfenidone for these patients, said Paul W. Professor of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary, allergy, and Critical Care Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine and lead author of the study.? The first study in of IX International Symposium Respiratory Viral Infections presented data demonstrated GSK proprietary adjuvant candidate pre-pandemic vaccine, by an extremely low level of Vietnam H5N1 antigen .

January 2007: GSK receive from the HHS one $ 63,000 contractual develop into antigenic – conservation H5N1 pandemic vaccines.